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Mesa Bathtubs  Mesa, Arizona                                                           Refinishing- Resurfacing- Reglazing
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High quality and 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority.
Our topcoats are available in Satin and High Gloss as well as Medium Glossy.
Our Stone Finishes are available in rough stone and also smooth high gloss. 
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Mesa Bathtubs Refinishing-Resurfacing-Reglazing
Got a Clawfoot tub?
Let Mesa Bathtubs restore that vintage tub.
We have the skill and know how to restore your
clawfoot back to how it used to look. If you
want a custom look, we can do that too.
Call us today to set up a free estimate.
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Mesa Bathtubs
Tub Maintenance ?
*All you have to do 
is Spray Wax, clean
and if need be general caulking maintenance, and that's it ! Your tub and surrounds will look new for years to come.

Mesa Bathtubs reserves the right to modify the Care and Maintenance Instructions at any time with or without notice. Note: Only the latest version will be observed. You may contact our office at anytime to make sure you have the latest version.
Please note - * it is the customers responsibility to add more, or replace caulking on refinished fixtures, this is homeowner maintenance. Mesa Bathtubs will caulk fixtures but we are not responsible for maintaining caulking.
Mesa Bathtubs is not responsible for plumbing issues, we recommend clients hire a licensed plumbing company for all
plumbing issues.