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Mesa Bathtubs  Mesa, Arizona                                                           Refinishing- Resurfacing- Reglazing
Gel Gloss Spray Wax
This wax is used on fiberglass, porcelain and acrylic bathtubs, showers and surrounds. Simply spray on and wipe off.
Protects and keeps unit looking new. Gelgloss spray .
Spray Wax
Microfiber  Cloth
​This wax protects all items that have been resurfaced with our antibacterial, antimicrobial StoneFinishes. Turtle wax Ice in a blue bottle.
These cloths are necessary for waxing tubs, surrounds and StoneFinished countertops. They will not leave swirl marks or scratch surfaces.
Non-Slip Cleaning Brush
This brush does a great job of cleaning the non-slip surfaces on bathtubs and shower bottoms. 
Soft Cleaning Sponges
These sponges do a great job of leaving a streak free and scratch free surface. These are non scratch.
Mesa Bathtubs - Supply 
Welcome, This page contains all the items for use on refinished, resurfaced or reglazed bathtubs, showers, surrounds and countertops.
All the items here have been proven to give the best possible results. These products will keep your tub or countertops looking beautiful for many years to come. We have tried many products over the past 30 years and have found these products to be superior for cleaning, waxing and maintaining your beautiful new finish. 
*Do not touch your refinished fixture at all during the first 48 hours of dry time.